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Our school, which is called Enrique Florez Secondary School, doesn’t provide curiosly Secundary Education. Instead we offer our students two kinds of education levels:
- Upper Secondary Education: with two itineraries Science and Technology or Humanities and Social Sciences.
- Vocational Educacion and Training: both of them, Intermediate Level and Higher Level.

We offer education in 14 vocations grouped in five professional or vocational fields:

Nursing assistant (I)
Pharmacy assistant (I)
Dental Hygienist (H)
Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory Technician (H)

Social and Community services
Dependent People Care (I)
Social integration (H)
Sociocultural Animation and Tourist Entertainment (H)

Building and Construction
Masonry and interior and renovation Works (I)
Building Projects (H)
Civil Work Projects (H)

Chemical Industry
Laboratory Technician (I)
Quality Control Laboratory Technician (H)
Environmental Chemistry Technician (H)

Food Industry
Quality Control in the Food Industry (H)

At the moment almost 700 students are registered at our school and the teachers staff counts about 70 members. 

We obtained the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in 2014 and, since this moment, more than forty students of our school have done their internships in a foreign country and also several teaches have visited other countries in order to make contacts, learn or develop differents projects. Today we are members of three associations that manage Erasmus Mobilities for Vocational Education Students.

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